Educational Outreach


Here are a few of the program topics we have offered as part of our community outreach program:

• Back school

• Scoliosis Awareness

• Athletic Injuries / Prevention

• Concussions

• Food Sensitivities & Food Intolerances

• Backpack Safety

• Pre-Season Athletic Screening

• Living Without Pain

• Stress Management and Coping with Life in the World of Technology

• Stress Management for Special Populations

• Inflammation – The Root of All Disease

• TMJ Problems and Solutions

• Autism/ADD/ADHD- Treatment Using Manual Therapy

• Headaches/Migraines and Cluster Headaches- Treatment Options

• Throwing Injuries

• Running Injury Clinics

• Coaches clinics for first aid and safety plus athletic taping/wrapping and strapping

• And, much more!



Teaching fellow colleagues and lay people has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. The following programs will train individuals in BIT © and BET.

  • BIT© Level I: Introduction to Micro-Myofascial Release
  • BIT© Level II: Intermediate Micro-Myofascial Release
  • BIT© Level III: Advanced Micro-Myofascial Release
  • BIT© and BET- Combined Hands Therapy Workshop
  • BET Level I- Introduction to Energy Mobilization

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